Saturday, February 23, 2008


The Mongkon is a sacred amulet worn on top of the head to protect the fighter from danger and injuries. In the past, the Monkgon was worn throughout the fight. If it fell off the fighters head during combat his opponent would allow him time to place it back on. Nowadays, the Mongkon is only worn during the Ram Muay and Wai Kru. It is said that if the Mongkon touches the ground or comes close to it, it can lose its magical powers. A fighter should never touch the Mongkon. Only his trainer can place or remove it form his head. In times past, anyone wanting to learn Muay Thai would first have to be evaluated by the trainer. If he was accepted as a student, he was given a Mongkon. In Thailand, if the tail of the Mongkon is facing upward, then the fighter is from southern Thailand. If facing downward, then the fighter is from northern Thailand. If the tail of the Mongkon is facing straight back, then he is from central Thailand.