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Thursday, April 10, 2008

World Muay Thai Magazine Press Release

World MUAYTHAI Magazine reaches the most sort-after athletes, professional trainers, promoters and sports fans in MUAYTHAI Boxing.
Be inspired, informed and keep in touch with trends and opportunities shaping MUAYTHAI today.

World MUAYTHAI Magazine
June Issue 2008

“Offering resourceful information and reporting

on 100% MUAYTHAI news, MUAYTHAI training, MUAYTHAI fighting,
MUAYTHAI culture, MUAYTHAI fitness, MUAYTHAI business and so much more”
john tozeland.
oceania MUAYTHAI federation
“Official Magazine” to further strengthen MUAYTHAI boxing and unite
MUAYTHAI news around one world one MUAYTHAI one magazine”
john Cockburn.
world MUAYTHAI council news
“One World One MUAYTHAI”
stephan fox.
International Federation of MUAYTHAI Amateurs news

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One World One MUAYTHAI One Magazine


Nkem said...

Congratulations on your new contributor status on World Muay Thai magazine. It's awesome. You're awesome. Good luck.

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